Aliens manipulate the human genome -a sensational statement by researchers

Australian researcher contacts earthlings and aliens,
Mary’s Close Encounter Research Network society hypnotherapist
Rodwell made a sensational statement that on Earth
it’s getting more boys and girls with altered DNA so
called “star children.”

These babies are definitely upgraded with some kind of
gene intervention. This is confirmed not only by their high
mental abilities, a completely different perception of the world and others
�”Deviations” from the norm, under hypnosis, these children and their parents
remember that they were abducted by aliens and carried out with them
some extraterrestrial experiences.

This is quite a good reason, says Mary Rodwell, for
understanding that a completely different kind already lives next to us
people. �”Star children” are clearly upgraded, they have experience
multidimensional perception of the environment, and talk about it
quite naturally, thereby scaring their parents. Doctors
Such babies are often diagnosed with Asperger syndrome and ADHD,
although in reality all this is a consequence of the huge hidden
abilities. And they arise as a result of genetic manipulation
with the genome of people from the more advanced alien race.

Genetics are still puzzled, why in the human genome
there is the so-called “junk DNA”, occupying there the lion’s
share and, at first glance, not playing any role. For example,
Professor Sam Chang was one of the first geneticists who came to
concluded: this “garbage” in the human genome has extraterrestrial
the origin and need it here for such manipulation by

Imagine, explains the scientist that evolution is an adaptation
animal, including man, to external conditions, however, for
Some major changes require millennia. And then – the children
already clearly different from their parents, and for generations
in man, there are simply amazing transformations. I.e
there is clearly some external factor that produces
manipulations with the human genome. And all this allows you to do exactly
�”Junk DNA” …

It turns out that aliens don’t even need to steal humans in order to
manipulate our genome, but why are they still stealing and
dramatically change children, stamping “star” boys and girls?
It is possible that they do not like too slow development
humanity, especially at the level of morality, and then they
start experimenting. It is possible that two will not pass.
generations, how these “star people” will dominate our
society, thus preparing a platform for contact with
aliens. For now, we are still Neanderthals with them.
stone axes and too wild morals …

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