Aliens on Saturn are talking

инопланетяне на Сатурне

In the Saturn area, NASA experts were able to listen and
fix the conversation aliens. On the recording made by the probe
Cassini heard a speech, completely different from the human.
The interplanetary automatic station Cassini flew to Saturn in
the height of summer 2004 However, according to NASA, already on
approaching – in the spring of 2002, at a time when the apparatus and the planet
divided the distance to 374 mil. km – his antennas began to catch
very strange radio signals. Modulated in frequency from 50 to 500
kHz, they were a kind of series with different tonality. When
the Cassini probe was already quite close to the rings of Saturn (July 25
2004), the most interesting record was recorded –
These are electromagnetic signals from the planet. At nasa
made it translated into a frequency
range. Of course, the speech turned out to be completely non-human and absolutely
incomprehensible, but its general meaning can be guessed. Unfortunately, in
NASA does not believe that the source of articulate sounds is
a rational being, in their conjectures such speech may be due to
generated flashes of blinding northern lights of this
ice planet. But it’s not at all possible that the aliens are
Saturn does exist, and that it was they who transmitted those mysterious

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