Aliens on the moon were, are and will be

инопланетяне на Луне

The Japanese probe Kaguya discovered on the planet Moon the hole leading
in a kind of lava tunnel. This is an important discovery, because in future
this kind of tunnels can be used in different ways,
for example, to create in them bases or colonies for earthlings. This discovery
revived and talk about the fact that the moon before us already mastered someone.
Many scientists believe that the found tunnels appeared due to
ejection of lava, but some researchers see traces here
alien civilizations. Otherwise, where would they come from, these
the tunnels? And where many other mysterious phenomena come from,
Observed on Earth’s satellite? After all, scientists around the world confirm
The fact that on the moon quite often non-stationary strange occur
accidents In addition, the surface of the planet in many places
is dotted with furrows intersecting at right angles, which is visually
resembles the correct form of waffles. Is it like this in ordinary
nature? Thus, many scientists are inclined to believe that
aliens on the moon there and their bases are found in
Japanese probe lava tunnels.

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