Aliens prey on humans – terriblereality

инопланетяне похищают человека

No matter how scary it sounds, aliens hunt
people. Vivid evidence of this are numerous stories.
eyewitnesses who in fear say that they came
aliens that flying saucers were chasing their cars, and
that some even ran away from the aliens straight from their ship. AND
This is all not the plot of one of the films, but this is pure truth. But
What is the reason that aliens are hunting people? What do they
need to? Understand what the structure of the human body? ANDли же они
feed on human emotions? Or maybe it’s such an alien
entertainment – to hunt people? We hunt animals.
In short, while ufologists vainly put forward various hypotheses, and so far
to one logical solution did not come. In the meantime, we think about the reasons
alien hunt, meanwhile they set up radar and again
fly to us to hunt.

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