Aliens real and vivid proofto the facts

ANDнопланетяне реально существуют

Every inhabitant of the planet more than once thought about
aliens are real, or just fiction. Wanting to dispel erroneous
the opinion of many individuals who believe that the aliens are not
exists, and it is nothing more than fiction from movies, it is worth
give some examples of the authenticity of the existence of alien
creatures. The first and indisputable fact is the presence of the entire planet.
strange buildings that people simply could not build
on their own. If it was not people who did it, then who? Right –
aliens. The second point that everyone will agree on is that
every second saw or flying saucers, or the aliens themselves. AND
while 95% of these witnesses are in their right mind. Third and
The final proof that the aliens are real is
that they appear on Earth more and more often, they are seen more and more
people, and they leave behind significant traces. Because those
who else doubt this fact will soon be able to
make sure that aliens exist by seeing
smiling creature.

ANDнопланетяне построили пирамиды по всему миру

Пирамиды построили инопланетяне

Every inhabitant of the planet Earth will now be thrown into shock.
It turns out that all the pyramids, which are only known to mankind,
were built by aliens. It has long been known that their
people could not build, because it is simply not in their power. But
after archaeologists began to find in all corners of the planet
the pyramids, it became clear that they carry some mysterious
meaning. After all the pyramids were investigated, it became
understandable that each one has an incredible value
of importance.

If one of the pyramids is removed, the Earth’s equilibrium will be disturbed,
which would entail incredible cataclysms. People could not
think of this never. AND именно это еще раз указывает на то,
what exactly aliens built the pyramids. But как только люди
decide to conduct an experiment and destroy one of the pyramids, and without
aliens will become clear as to why it was built.

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