Aliens saved the Earth from fallingmeteorite

Инопланетяне спасли Землю

2013 год начал свое шествие по Земле с падения meteorite над
Chelyabinsk. The event took place on February 15th. Meteorite, with a diameter of
over 15 meters in the morning entered the atmosphere of the Earth and flew over
Tyumen, Kurgan and Chelyabinsk region. To earth he is not
flew, ufology believe that once again saved the Earth
aliens. The car was hit by a UFO. Event Confirmations
visible even on amateur shooting. The video is clearly visible
strange object of elongated shape, which is rapidly approaching
to the meteorite from the “rear”.

The explosion was heard at the time of docking. Unidentified object “smashes through
�“The heavenly guest has flown through and flies away from him. Explosion
meteorite случился на высоте 20 км над землей, осколки болида
scattered in different directions. The largest of them hit
Lake Chebarkul, After the uninvited guest left round
six meter funnel. Throughout the Chelyabinsk region, glass was broken
windows houses. Scientists have not yet put forward the official version.
what happened. Exploring the Mysterious Alien Guest
are going on.

Aliens help people understand important laws of the universe

On numerous questions about why they fly
aliens, ufologists and eyewitnesses unanimously say that
aliens will not bring harm, on the contrary – aliens help
to people. Here the quite reasonable question of how
they do help and why do they do it? On this aliens
they tell those who come to them that they are sent to heal diseases, and
that they help people understand important life laws. So
aliens control humans, monitor them and in
difficult times come to the rescue. But why don’t they treat everyone
people, or why they will not open immediately to the whole world? The reason is simple
– aliens come to Earth to correct
some moments, they make sure that humanity itself does not
destroyed, and do not reveal all their secrets just because people to
they are not ready. But as the aliens themselves say: “We should not be afraid.
We are good. “And the only way out is to believe their words.

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