Aliens saw Nibiru beforepeople

Инопланетяне на Нибиру

Mysterious and mysterious planet Nibiru stirred consciousness
the inhabitants of the earth are very long. Everyone only thought that in the sky
the Second Sun will appear, but this was not foreseen. Strange why
Nibiru changed its route, because thousands of astrologers kept saying about
that it is already on its way to Earth, and here the planet suddenly disappears
from all horizons. What happened? Why all scientists are harsh
stopped talking about Nibiru, as if they were strictly forbidden to
to mention her?

Нибиру с инопланетянами

The interest of many people is justified, because
it may be that Nibiru disappeared irrevocably. Some talk about
the fact that aliens nybiru inhabited, and after forced her
change the route due to the fact that there was no end on Earth
light, and they could not combine the two planets together. Other
say that aliens created a black hole that destroyed
Nibiru. And still others believe that Nibiru was a ploy of aliens,
who carried out hypnotic experiments on people, and then showed
her, then hid from human consciousness. Anyway, but 6
billions can not be deceived, and you need to attract aliens to
responsibility so that they explain to us people what they have done with

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