Aliens somehow “noted” Polishvillage Emiltsin

In the Lublin province of Poland, near the city
Opole-Lubelsk, there is a small village Emiltsin, in which
aliens have already visited twice, and not just visited, but, as
it is said that they were seriously noted here – so much so that in honor of their
even erected a monument.

The first visit dates back to May 1978. Early morning fine
spring day 71-year-old peasant Jan Wolski (Pan Wolski) rode
on a horse-drawn carriage along a country road, he suddenly noticed two
strangely dressed people – in dark overalls. The strangers were
small stature, not more than one and a half meters. When Yana’s wagon
caught up with them, they easily (without an invitation) jumped on her and
they began to show the peasant with gestures to go there.

Later, telling all this to the ufologist Zbigniew Blani, who
was investigating the incident (the report is published in
Magazine “Przhekruy”, 1978), Jan Volsky will be surprised to remember
that he somehow obeyed strangers implicitly, as if they
he was bewitched. Maybe with her appearance, because her face was green and
their eyes were narrow, like those of the Chinese.

The strangers brought the wagon to some strange “bus”,
which hovered over the tops of the birch trees. Using the “platform on
strings “Yana lifted into this bus, which was almost empty
(no controls, no cabs or compartments), even without
windows, examined by means of a mysterious device in the form of two
saucers, tried to treat a strange food in the form of icicles
(peasant refused), and then released.

Returning to the village, Jan told his sons what had happened,
who immediately went to see the “flying bus”, however
it was no longer there, only footprints on the wrinkled grass and strange
runways in all directions. However, the UFO on this day saw
one more person – a six-year-old boy Adas from a neighboring estate,
who at the time was playing in the yard.

In his words, it appeared that a strange plane was flying slowly and very
low, and either the door was open, or the window was looking at the boy
�”Green-faced military man” …

In 2005, when they started talking about aliens in the open,
without fear of persecution by the authorities and the fact that you
will be considered crazy, in the village of Emiltsin even
monument in honor of this occasion. The inscription on it says that in May
1978 UFO landed here, but this truth should surprise
residents in the future.

And she really surprised, though not quite residents
Emiltsina, and tourists who came across this village
2016 on the UFO, around which the aliens fussed. This meeting
was not as friendly as in the case of Jan Volsky, but
modern technical means allowed witnesses to take it all off
on video.

Video footage of that mysterious clash in the forest we give you and
offer to look at the conclusion. True, this material is not
so many details, as in the case of Jan Wolski and his meeting with
aliens in 1978, but the video is quite impressive. It
caused not only great interest among Internet users, but
and lots of comments, some of which are no less astounding
than the video itself.

Here, for example, is written by the user under the nickname trojanstreamz:

I also have footage with a real alien, but I don’t want
post them on YouTube’s video hosting: just afraid. I tried
one time to donate this video to one of the local media, but they also
scared … of the consequences. No one knows where to send

As we see from the comments, meetings with aliens are not as
rare, but they still cause people fear, and not
so much on the part of representatives of alien races, how many
sides of earthly governments …

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