Aliens speak Slavic

инопланетяне разговаривают на славянском языке

Aliens speak a language extremely similar to
Slavic. But, most surprisingly, his closest relative
is Ukrainian with a mixture of Polish and Russian. Just such a
information provided by the National Intelligence Center of Spain.
So, it became known that aliens from the Alpha Centauri galaxy,
which is the closest to the solar system, visited Earth in
2000 This is reported by the top secret report of the special services.
Kingdom of Spain from 2003. As you know, Alpha Centauri –
this is a star system that is distant from our planet on
4.3 milliard distance. light years. According to intelligence,
the creatures that inhabit this galaxy are very reminiscent of
the appearance of people, and their language is very similar to one of the Slavic,
It is possible that the Ukrainian or Polish. However, the language of aliens
until today has been carefully studied. And maybe soon people
will be able to understand what they say aliens.

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