Aliens take shape of ourclose?

Aliens, apparently, can take any image, and
therefore, our idea of ​​their appearance is probably greatly distorted.
It is enough to recall some cases of meeting with aliens in order to
understand: if you wish, they can be close to us, and even in
image of the people closest to us – and we simply do not understand. AT
stories that we tell, aliens, though they took
human appearance but behaved in a special way that allowed them
�”See through” …

Aliens in the form of children

AT конце 1980-х годов Дальний ATосток потрясла удивительная
story, which told the regional newspaper “Red Flag”.
A resident of Dalnegorsk, having sent her children to the store, took up
cleaning the apartment.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang – and the woman saw on the threshold
own children, but for some reason dressed in a strange-looking silver
overalls! .. Ignoring her puzzled questions, the “children” entered the
apartment and began to take pictures of the room, emitting
light flashes …

Realizing that something unnatural is happening, the woman swung
on the people who entered the vacuum tube (she was cleaning the room at that time).
Incomprehensible power immediately knocked her down. AT следующий момент снова
the bell rang – this time came the real children. And “twins”
turning synchronously over the left shoulder, disappeared right before our eyes
shocked eyewitnesses …

According to the chairman of the local paranormal commission
явлениям AT.AT. Strong, this case was single and no longer
repeated. Apparently, the children who left the house were
removed materialized duplicates. Who made the “copies” is also clear
since on the day of the incident dozens of people saw a UFO hanging
near the Dalnegorsk television tower.

Aliens in the form of parents

Since then, “doubles” more than once appeared in this
region. AT августе 1992г. everyone who was on the trawler “Professor
Deryugin “, seen on the pier with. Cape “parents” fishermen Lyudmila
Goncharova. From the trawler lowered the boat, but even before Luda
I got to the shore, the strange vision disappeared.

Very worried, the girl hurried home. As it turned out her
parents did not even think to leave the city of Bolshoy Kamen anywhere,
where they lived. Who and for what purpose took their appearance left
unsolved mystery.

… An event that happened with R.A. Avdeeva thirty years ago in
Latvia, even more fantastic. A young woman walked through the forest towards
the farm, which was located in the Ogre district: there lived it
parents. Once on a small glade, Avdeeva froze in
perplexity: she saw in front of her mother, and also … herself with
daughter in her arms. ATсе фигуры были неподвижными и хорошо

Some time later, three unusual creatures emerged from the forest.
– a growth of just over one and a half meters and “similar to astronauts”,
since they were wearing tight white overalls and helmets with
small visors. Avdeeva thought that the faces
�”Astronauts” – ordinary, human …

This amazing trio headed towards the immovable “doubles” and
I looked at them for a while. Then the aliens turned around and
hid in more often where they came from. AT это же время исчезли и
�”Human copies.”

Hardly recovered, Avdeeva rushed home. Not far from the place
where the astronauts disappeared, the woman saw red behind the trees
glowing dome with a diameter of ten meters. Him in turn
covered the yellowish dome – three times larger in size.

Avdeeva did not dare to come closer and rushed at full speed to
farmhouse Already near the porch I looked around: slowly above the forest
a radiant yellowish “plate” was rising into the sky, which soon
disappeared behind the clouds. The parents, of course, knew nothing about
what happened, no aliens in the eyes have not seen.

Learning about this story, ufologists hurried to the scene.
They found three rectangular dents (30×20 cm) in the ground,
apparently left by the UFO landing gear. ATмятины располагались
as if they were vertices of an equilateral triangle with a length
sides of 8 meters …

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