Aliens today are visible everywhere

Где сегодня инопланетяне

Every day, the media literally explodes with news about
that the aliens are now “stuck” over the city, or that
today alien beings have visited a certain
a good citizen. Astronauts now and then send
strange photos and videos with various moving objects,
which then spontaneously appear, then disappear. Today traces
Aliens are found both under water and on land, they are no longer
something unexpected, and vice versa – the expected. Because aliens on
today are creatures everyone wants to see in
real life. So, everyone can satisfy their interest, and
meet, if not with the aliens themselves, but with their flying
objects, skeletons found by archaeologists, or see
video from space, where a bright spot flying object moves to
Earth, and after from it. And if aliens today are such
bold, that freely penetrate our planet, cause
visits to us and say that they exist, then what
will be tomorrow?

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