Aliens told their secretof origin

Инопланетяне рассказали правду

Where did the aliens come from? Do they really exist?
Do they kidnap people? Do aliens live among us? Can they
aliens seize the Earth? Mankind which year in a row
asks many questions about alien beings. Apparently, it’s
time to reveal their centuries-old secrets and therefore aliens
told people the whole truth about themselves. So, it became known that
before aliens lived on our planet, vivid evidence
what are their many traces. Archaeological excavations
show that long before the appearance of humanity on Earth
some creatures that built pyramids all over the planet flew in.
Also cave paintings suggest that ancient people
worshiped gods with big heads who taught them
all sorts of wisdom. Today aliens arrive to
chosen, and reveal their essence to them, telling that they
live in other galaxies and that we will meet with them after our
earthly life.

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