Aliens under water: myth or reality

инопланетяне под водой

Last September, off the Japanese islands of Kyushu and Shikoku, before
teeth equipped with a computer guidance and tracking system,
the destroyer “Atago” discovered the movement of an unidentified large underwater
object. Patrol aircraft, several helicopters and 4 combat
ship, pursued by a phantom until he left
territorial waters of Japan. The military initially decided that
spotted some kind of submarine that intentionally or accidentally violated
the border. For help in identification, they turned to the intelligence service.
United States, from where they received a message that no submarines in
This time and in this area is not, and can not be. Naturally,
a thorough investigation has begun, but its results can
just guess, because the Japanese government gave the media quite
an incredible version of the whale, with which the most advanced
technique, allegedly, managed to confuse the submarine. At the same time, many
ufologists talked about the possibility that the mysterious ship (it
whale) is nothing but an unidentified underwater object.
The probability of such an assumption is very high, given that
phantom boat similar incidents happened more than once.
If so, then after some time living
aliens under water, come out in contact with people.

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