Aliens underground – found basesalien

What was previously kept in the strictest confidence, finally
opened up. As it turned out, long ago and for a long time lived
aliens underground, built their bases there, and hid from
prying eyes. But over time, kinda humanity
все же сумело найти пристанища alien, и теперь каждое из них
carefully studied. So, aliens underground were found in
France, across America in China and Russia. Why aliens
“occupied” the whole world? Why are they located everywhere? Unclear.
However, now ufologists are working very hard to
uncover strange alien riddles, and in particular understand
How much did the aliens decide to hide under the thickness of the Earth? Maybe this
a sign that humanity needs to do the same? In a word, it makes no sense
to guess that has not yet been fully disclosed. Need to stock up
Patience and wait, that say ufologi, and maybe themselves

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