Aliens used earthlygovernments

инопланетяне и правительство

Aliens are already living on our planet. US government in
the middle of last century signed a formal contract with aliens
from the constellation of Orion, according to which “living by
exchange. “A certain number of earthlings live with aliens, and
the same number of aliens is constantly among the people. But
this is not all that aliens got. US Government –
was deceived. This is not said publicly, if not
reported on the very fact of official relations with aliens
from other planets. Guests – intend to become masters. According to
various sources, the US government and other leaders
States are preparing for more “tense” relations with
aliens. This is what can be explained by the undoubted
the fact that in the cinema and literature of the last few years (in
the quality of the preparation of the masses) the theme develops purposefully
possible confrontation “two worlds.”

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