All aliens are our brothers in the church

Все инопланетяне братья

The Almighty created not only those creatures that inhabit
Earth, but also aliens. For several decades now
The Roman Catholic Church promotes this idea. So, back in 1999.
Pope John Paul II argued that in the power of the Lord at any time
and on every planet create intelligent life. So faith in
the existence of green men is not sinful. Moreover,
a few years ago an article appeared in one of the Vatican newspapers
�”Aliens are my brothers.” It says that faith in
the existence of extraterrestrial life not only does not contradict faith
in God, but also absolutely logical. Once our planet is inhabited by many
intelligent beings, then other planets worse? The author of the article, the main
astronomer of the vatican observatory cleric jose funes
announced to the world that all of us and all aliens are brothers and sisters.
As we can trust in the mercy of God, confessing our sins, so
extraterrestrial beings can count on salvation through redemption.
And all because they, like us, are part of God’s purpose.
It’s amazing, usually churchmen are a couple of hundred years behind
official science, and now it seems that they
are ahead. Or the Vatican knows more about NASA’s new discoveries than
ordinary inhabitants of the planet?

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