All UFO technology

Технологии НЛО

Innovative UFO technologies interest modern scientists
long. It is no secret that we are lagging behind in these matters quite strongly.
And if we compare the successes of mankind and extraterrestrial intelligence, then we
most likely, we can only claim the primitive level.

Although, those objects and technologies of UFO, which were in the hands of
scientists, allowed us to significantly expand our knowledge in the field of
rocketry and aviation. Closed from the general public development
exist and work successfully on test sites. So that
spaceships flying in the sunny sails, winged costumes
and the most powerful and destructive solar guns are ours
reality. The military arsenal of the future does not end there,
scientists continue to work on spaceships that
almost everyone will be able to: conduct military operations and freely travel
outer space, receiving energy from space.

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