Altai shaman Artem Ignatenko told abouta change of eras

Artem Ignatenko, who is rightly called the Altai shaman, in
his vision of today’s world does not seem to say anything new:
the cataclysms that humankind is currently observing
the entire planet is a consequence of the unreasonable activities of the people themselves.
And yet in his words there is that grain of truth, which for some reason
scientists are constantly avoiding talking about the same thing. Here is
it is worth dwelling on this little bit more …

Nothing in my words from shamanism, Artem himself admits, no,
it is rather a science: a person lives more and more by “concepts”,
contrary to the laws of nature, while he is completely dependent on
her From here all troubles: the nature simply starts to be “indignant”. It,
Of course, it is said a little oversimplified, to say no more
hard: nature begins to mercilessly correct these violations.

Ignatenko further clarifies that people misunderstand that
violation of the laws of nature – this is only environmental problems, where
more harm brings energy to the Earth, for example, unconventional
orientation, promiscuity, disrespect traditions
ancestor and much more that needs to be considered at the level
rather the spiritual than the physical plane.

Speaking in a more understandable language, the Altai shaman specifies
then on Earth there is a struggle between good and evil, and in the last six years
it has become so acute that it threatens to bring humanity to
universal catastrophe. However, the end of the world, about which so many
say lately for any reason (to the solar system
the planet Nibiru has entered, the Sun itself is cooling down, is approaching the Earth
giant asteroid, etc.), there will be light forces will win
over the darkness.

The most light and powerful energy flow continues
Ignatenko, was outlined now in Russia. That is what gives hope for
the rebirth of the Earth, and in the spiritual plane, and not physical
abundant as many want to see. Physical abundance is only
a consequence of spiritual wealth, and if we do not have it now, then only
because people are poor in spirit. But the change of epochs is coming, that is
It is the spiritual age on planet earth that is approaching. But is everything
now living will be worthy of her – this is a question that everyone
must answer for himself: which side of the barricade does he want
stay – with light or with darkness …

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