Altai shaman predicted the future of the world innext five years

Writer, shaman and forecaster from the Russian Altai Andrey
Korobeyschikov predicts a possible end of the world. In conversation with
correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” he said that in the present
moment the earth is ready to destroy humanity. It can each of
observe us according to the increased and increasing natural disasters,
incomprehensible trumpet sounds from the sky, mysterious phenomena that
many are mistaken for signs of the Apocalypse and many other signs
approaching planetary catastrophe.

The world is boiling, – exclaims a mystic, – supervolcanoes are ready
about to explode and plunge the planet into the long winter, the poles of the earth
ready to offset, which will again lead to irreversible
consequences, not to mention the processes that we are witnessing at
The sun and so on and so forth. And destroys this world not
there are some aliens, not the mysterious planet Nibiru, but – themselves
people. Moreover, encourage them to come to their senses and stop destroying their
the house is a completely empty idea, as you understand …

Douglas also noted that the powerful are no longer able
control the processes occurring on Earth and leading to
a global scale catastrophe. Their huge funds can be
are aimed only at saving a handful of the rich and their servants, whom,
as can be understood from the concerns of the elite, they do not know how to make
work for yourself when the value system drastically
will change.

But the statement of the shaman about the futility of appeals to
humanity to change and the powerlessness of the elite, to fix something in
prevailing situation is almost the same: people
gone too far in their technocratic recklessness, and
now we are completely threatened by a “reset”, which, we must assume, is
Earth was a lot before us. At least today only the most
die-hard Darwinist may not believe that before our civilization
there were others. And where are they? ..

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