Amazing “acid” rainbow captured onphoto in Wales

Amazing rainbow of “acidic” color captured two weeks
back in Wales. The owner of the local hotel, John Kane, says
that a striking multicolored arc suddenly appeared in the sky
after the heavy rain that passed here on March 16th. Welsh resident
Gainet County is not only a successful businessman, but also an avid
photographer, so he managed to capture on the photo so unusual
phenomenon in all its glory.

Hitting the other day in the World Wide Web, colorful pictures right there
interested not only John’s acquaintances, but also journalists
meteorologists and ordinary curious from all over the world.
Commentators ask Kane if he exposed the images.
computer processing, and their author swears that frames are
authentic. 64-year-old man always carries a camera on
such a case, and this time he was incredibly lucky. That’s what he

I have never seen anything like it before. Colors were
incredibly bright, and the rainbow “sat” clearly on the hillside. From
this one would have thought that the hill was shining. Many people wrote
me that I use Photoshop, but they are mistaken. I’m one of those
rare photographers who do not process their pictures at all.
This is the only way to convey to people the true beauty of our world. it
it was just a magical sight. I and my family are very lucky
that we live here, where such a natural miracle happens sometimes.

The rainbow turned out really fantastic, and
double, why its uniqueness becomes indisputable. Some
Internet users report with envy that they would like to
see it all with your own eyes like john kane and his loved ones who in
really lucky because they can admire such

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