Amazing celestial object captured onvideo during a thunderstorm

This video was filmed on November 22 of this year by a resident
Long Island by Allan Perez. The American decided to capture in the dark
time of day a thunderstorm and suddenly saw something amid flashes of lightning

A large dark triangular object appeared in the sky,
similar to futuristic aircraft. Of course, the operator
immediately felt like he witnessed the appearance of an alien ship
or at least a secret military aircraft.

Peres hurried to post the resulting video to the World Wide Web with
the question is what is it ?. Many network habitues familiarizing themselves with
these frames (see the video below) also concluded that the speech
is about the aircraft of “green men”, by chance
caught in the lens of Allan’s camera.

Some have even suggested that an unidentified
a flying object was charged with electricity from a thunderstorm, attracting
lightning By the way, in recent years, more and more appear on the Internet
videos showing UFOs during a night thunderstorm, apparently
not without reason …

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