Amazing encounters with the mysteriousHuman deer

Among all the mysterious creatures that collect information
world cryptozoologists sometimes come across amazing monsters
which is difficult to attribute to any particular category.
Who it is: space aliens, prehistoric beasts, mistakes
nature or visitors from parallel worlds? To such incredible
creatures include the mythical Deer Man, who is repeatedly
met in different parts of the United States. Kriptid, according to the description of eyewitnesses
looks like an erect anthropoid or elk. No one
does not know for sure whether he is dangerous or not.

Первая встреча с Human deer

One of the most famous cases of seeing the mysterious monster
occurred in 1985 in the city of Trumbull, Ohio, USA. 14 year old
the teenager played hide-and-seek at the edge of the forest with his younger brother
unexpectedly noticed among the trees someone who was taken first for
standing on the hind legs of a deer. There were early twilight, but young
the American noticed that the creature’s lower limbs resembled
doggy, while his torso was suspiciously straight, like a
a tall man of strong build.

The monster first scrutinized the boy, and then a friend
rushed to the side. Our hero, not remembering himself from fear, ran out of
bushes, in which he hid and, grabbing the younger brother by the hand,
rushed home with him. American still afraid to remember
seen at that twilight hour.

Вторая встреча с Human deer

Another incident occurred in 1993 near the town.
Hockessina in Delaware. 8-year-old boy came to visit
grandparents in the countryside. One morning the baby woke up
from the strange sniff, resounding near him. Our hero
he opened his eyes and noticed that a deer with
huge horns and big sad eyes. This sight was
absolutely surreal.

The boy and the stranger looked at each other for a while, after
what the “deer” suddenly got up on its hind legs. His torso
turned out to be almost human, only covered with a short dark
wool. The child is not too scared of such a guest and with surprise
rose from the bed to come closer to the strange deer. The one
however, he was frightened of this and disappeared from his eyes in the next instant.

Третья встреча с Human deer

In 2012, in the Oklahoma national reserve
Уичито-Маунтинс произошла еще одна встреча с Human deer.
A witness named Kayla Heying then told cryptozoologists
that went with friends to the mountains in order to shoot the starry sky.
When night fell, a company of several women and
men realized that something strange was happening in nature
sinister. First, a herd of elk ran past the campers, followed by
swept several buffaloes.

The astonished eyewitnesses realized that the animals were frightened by something. Then
Our heroes heard the sound of heavy footsteps in the grass. Finally, from the forest
it looked like a creature not less than 2.5 meters high that looked like
upright deer with human hands and huge burning
eyes. Haying and her friends rushed to the car, lightning fast
jumped into it and drove away. It is said that some of them even
saw in the rearview mirror how a deer-man chased after
by car.

People with deer heads living in the forests are present in
of many nations. For example, you can recall the Celtic
Kernunna deity with deer horns. This character is still
is popular with residents of the uk and france who
Kernunn is considered the good master of animals. And the indigenous
Americans have ancient legends not only about the deer man but
also about the deer woman.

The latter is described as a beautiful Indian wearing a dress to
land. She seduces men and then cruelly tramples them.
hooves, because under her long garment lurk two powerful
deer legs

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