Amazing flying object noticed overTurkey

Turkish ufologists from the popular in their homeland community “Ufo
Türkiye “published a video that quickly spread
on many of the World Wide Web resources.

Sensational video that has collected millions on various sites
views, demonstrates a huge dark disk in the sky. Unidentified
the flying object is slowly moving above the ground, occasionally hiding behind
clouds, and therefore witnesses of this amazing phenomenon have become
A lot of people.

Skeptics, of course, ask a completely logical question: a
what if it was a normal airship? Their hunch, however,
is wrong. UFO appeared over the city of Gaziantep April 16 this
of the year. Ufologists specifically appealed to the staff of the local air
services to determine if anyone requested from them that day
permission to fly the airship. It turned out not.

According to Turkish law, any non-military aircraft
obliged to report their intentions to plow air
space over a particular city. However, the pilots
an alien ship would hardly have asked such a thing
permission from the Turkish authorities. And the military of Turkey, by the way, their air defense,
only in this case could they show “tolerance” towards the stranger,
more than that, it appeared in southern Turkey, near the border with Syria and
in theory, it could well be an enemy aircraft, say,
reconnaissance drone. However, the Turkish military for some reason
he was “not noticed” …

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