Amazing “flying saucer” appeared overCalifornia

The following video was taken last Friday,
March 30, in the US city of La Mirada, California. Author
video tells that he noticed at night relatively low in the sky
a greenish glowing disc-shaped object that is slow and
flying noiselessly over the houses.

It cannot be a reflection of light in the camera lens,
since at a certain point the UFO flies clearly behind the lantern.
The object also probably cannot be an airplane or a helicopter, although
some commentators are ready to swear that they have distinguished
something like aeronautical fire.

Maybe it is a dirigible? But why does he glow so mysteriously?
Amazing footage quickly spread over the World Wide Web,
attracting the attention of not only ordinary users, but also ufologists.
Many UFO researchers concluded that this flying machine
could hardly be created by human hands.

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