Amazing glowing ball rises insky

The other day in Alaska, a mysterious unidentified flying
an object that looked like a large glowing ball.

Он поднимался вертикально в sky, а затем исчез в вышине.
The following video was received by mail
specialists of the international ufological organization “Mutual UFO
Network. The American, who sent them this video, reports that the UFO
appeared above the ground at about two in the morning and soared rapidly

Some users of the World Wide Web believe that it was
alien aircraft. For others, it’s about
man-made object, since next
aerodrome. This is indicated by a plane taking off from the trees.
shortly before the appearance of the luminous ball. If you believe the third, before
us ball lightning. Finally, skeptics talk about a balloon,
Chinese lantern, fireworks and things like that.

Of course, we most likely will not know the truth in this case, but
everyone can make his own personal conclusion for himself, what is it,
or listen to experts. Ufologists, for example, believe
that we are still talking about the alien origin of the object.
They confirm the authenticity of the video …

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