Amazing gravity anomaly in PolishKarpacz

Мало кто знает, что в польском городе Karpacz существует
amazing gravity anomaly. At least about its availability
there are numerous local residents and visiting witnesses.
This is a small inclined stretch of road, on which
various items supposedly can roll upwards.

Specialists in the field of the supernatural are suddenly interested
the video below, received in August 2014.
Mysterious record shows a man rolling on the way to
skateboard. Apparently, he just goes down the slope,
and this is not surprising.

However, at some point, the skateboard suddenly
stops halfway down, and the hero of the video can no longer
drive it a centimeter. When the Pole gets off the board, she
begins to slowly roll back, which of course contradicts
known laws of physics.

Skeptics on the World Wide Web, as you might guess,
They say that we face an optical illusion or a hoax.
However, the residents of Karpacz in response to this offer to all those who doubt
visit the city and see for yourself the mysterious presence here
gravitational anomalies, for complete confidence taking with them
measuring level.

All this and prompted independent researchers to draw
attention to, as it turned out, timeless video and even gather in
way to go. However, there are many such gravitational anomalies in the world,
for example, in Russia they are in the Caucasus, in the Crimea (Theodosia Highway –
Alushta, see the video below) and some other places. This
natural (or artificial phenomenon) are trying to study and understand already
long time ago, but it still remains a mystery for scientists and a certain
fun for tourists.

Locals, we note, quickly get used to this and almost do not
pay attention to the gravitational anomaly, but … with pleasure
demonstrate it to visitors, to some extent even proud of it. AND
поляки города Karpacz в этом плане не исключение…

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