Amazing has arisen over Brazilglow

May 19, residents of the Brazilian Sao Paulo witnessed
amazing celestial phenomenon. In the clouds above the city arose
красивейшее glow, переливавшееся всеми цветами радуги.

The following video depicting this anomaly is fast
scattered across the web. Experts say it is about so
called iridescence of clouds when sunlight falls on
water droplets in the air at an angle of 30 degrees or more, which is why
Refracted, creating such amazing lighting effects.

Meanwhile, ordinary users of the World Wide Web build their
theories about the nature of such a surreal phenomenon. Alone
they say that this is the result of the change of the poles of the Earth Others blame
all aliens. According to third, a portal opened over Brazil
into a different dimension. Many eminent ufologists refuse to give
the unequivocal assessment of the incident, however, they note that
многоцветное glow все чаще наблюдается в последнее время в
different parts of our planet.

The very author of the video, remaining incognito, says

You need to see all this with your own eyes in order to understand all the beauty and feel
thrilling excitement at this heavenly radiance. No video
conveys all shades of it and certainly does not affect the senses,
this is a simple, rather “dry” statement of fact, so I even
ashamed to put your name under the roller. But I did not have at that moment
even a normal camcorder, although she, I think, would not have decided this
the problem is fully …

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