Amazing healing lake in canada fullduplicates the mars environment

In the province of British Columbia in western Canada there is
amazing lake spotted lake. In this unique pond
contains many foreign substances: magnesium sulfate, sodium,
calcium, titanium, silver and so on. In the hot season on the surface
lakes even form numerous spots of unusual shapes and
color patterns. These mineral islands are covered with very durable
with a crust that can easily withstand the weight of an adult.

Spotted Lake’s amazing water has a healing effect.
with a strong therapeutic effect. Local Okanagan Indians
since ancient times they knew about it and believed that the lake was specially created
Gods to heal people. According to legend, once two
native Canadians fought here and at some point
went into the pond. Their wounds received during the bloody battle,
instantly dragged on, and the warring tribes struck by it
phenomenon, considered that the Higher Forces oppose
bloodshed, and therefore immediately stopped the battle.

Now Spotted Lake has interested international scientists.
Some people of science admit that this lake is like
a piece of Mars transferred to Earth for tens of millions
kilometers According to experts, conditions are observed in the reservoir
that could be found once on the Red Planet, but not at
us. Analysis of the local water also shows that, despite the presence of
complex chemical components, it is and develops
a life.

It is possible that once the same lakes were on Mars, and in them
organisms evolved, but then happened to the planet
something that caused these bodies of water to sink into oblivion. However, to be
maybe life on a distant celestial body managed to develop so much
what was ahead of us and managed to leave our home planet? Scientists intend to
in the near future to conduct a thorough study of Spotted Lake,
to determine his connection with Mars.

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