Amazing illusion makes people hearsound that is not

A curious auditory illusion has occupied the users of the World
spider webs True, by no means each of us is capable of
experience its effect on yourself. Take a look at the one below.
an animation comically depicting the two pylons of the power line,
between which the third one is jumping, using wires as
jump ropes. If you, while continuously looking at this animation, hear in
certain moments the same sound which in fact
No, you are definitely one of the lucky ones.

A great many network habitues argue that
hear a blow in your head whenever jumping power line pylon
falls to the ground. And this despite the fact that the audio track here
completely absent. Dr. Lisa Debruin working as a psychologist in
The University of Glasgow published this recurring short
cartoon in the social network “Twitter” in order to find out the reaction
users for this illusion. More than 15 participants took part in the survey.
Thousands of people, 75% of whom said that they hear perfectly
the mysterious sound of the blow, which in reality is not.

Some explanations of sound and visual illusions

Dr. Debruin suggests that the so-called
acoustic reflex of the ears. This protective mechanism has been developed
nature in order to protect human hearing from loud noise. AT
In this case, no noise after landing overhead transmission lines
is heard, but our ears still resonate in his
waiting Our eyes behave in the same way when we look
in the cinema 3D movies. They close automatically if something
flies in the frame directly towards the viewer, although in fact no
there is no real threat.

There is another, even more courageous theory. According to her man
generally lives not in the real, but in the illusory world of his ideas
about him. That is, he sees and hears (for the sake of simplification, about other
feelings will not talk) only that which he knows well, leaning
to your previous experience. AT данном случае мозг человека хорошо
knows that such a bulky foot, falling to the ground, should
make a loud sound – and therefore he hears it. Man in advance
sees green grass, white snow and blue sky because he knows
that they should be like that, and so on. It turns out that our
feelings are constantly deceiving us. And this auditory illusion
proves it perfectly …

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