Amazing Indian forest consisting ofsingle tree

Not everyone knows that in the Indian Botanical Garden Jagdish
Chandra Bose, located in Haor, grows amazing
the tree with the largest crown area on the planet. 250 year old
The Bengal Ficus, bearing the name of the Great Banyan, covers the area
over one and a half hectares and has about 3300 aerial roots,
that look like trunks. Many travelers cannot
believe that they are not in the forest, however small, but among
отростков single tree.

Inside this “grove” is a 350-meter circular path,
making this place a bit like a park under a green tent. AT
in some places the height of the ficus reaches 25 meters. Origin and
точный возраст ATеликого баньяна являются тайной, однако доподлинно
it is known that during its long history the tree has experienced a lot
disasters. So, in the years 1864-1867 it was damaged by cyclones, and by
In 1925, its main trunk was destroyed by lightning, and then another
and fungus.

Despite the fact that the mother trunk of the ficus had to be removed,
ATеликий баньян пережил такую «операцию» и продолжил расти и
develop. After that, it technically turned from wood into so
called a clonal colony, that is, a group of genetically
identical plants with one common root system. For the last
три десятилетия площадь ATеликого баньяна расширилась почти на 8100
square meters. Theoretically, the miracle tree can grow
breadth infinitely long.

A longtime employee of the botanical garden Arabinda Pramanic reports
что пространство вокруг ATеликого баньяна специально расчищается с
the purpose of providing ficus a place for further growth. Look after
plant is quite difficult, so for this purpose a team of 13
experienced professionals. These workers are watering the tree, watching
so that it does not hurt, and also “train” its roots, directing
their growth in the right direction through special channels from split
bamboo tubes.

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