Amazing meal of shark and crocodile filmeddrone

A rare video on which the shark and the crocodile feed on the corpse
humpback whale, hit the World Wide Web, instantly chained
attention of many web users.

Amazing record was obtained off the northwest coast
Australia’s 55-year-old Jeremy Tucker with a camera-equipped
drone. The man rested in the Australian district of Kimberley and completely
accidentally captured these footage. According to the operator, this happens
only once in a life.

Turning on the video below, you can see how the shark
and the crocodile repeatedly bite the fins, tail and body of the humpback
whale, completely oblivious to each other. Both ferocious
the predator seems to understand that there is plenty of food here, and to fight
with each other they have no need. The author of the video reports
that had never seen anything like it, while the sight seemed
he is both delicious and terrible. He’s writing:

We stumbled upon a dead whale that was swimming on the surface.
ocean belly up. The cause of his death is not clear to anyone, but to all
it was obvious that he died a long time ago. Downwind scent
was disgusting. We decided to take a closer look and remove the corpse at
the help of a drone. Only then did we see the tiger shark in the water
and the crested crocodile. I live all my life in Australia, but never
did not notice before that predators behaved in this way.
Perhaps, unlike us, animals do not go to war when
resources are sufficient for all. However, man never knows
measures, it is always not enough …

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