Amazing metal shed wood

Pycnandra acuminata is the rarest tree of
sapot family, growing in rapidly disappearing
rain forests of New Caledonia – overseas territory of France,
located on the islands of the Pacific Ocean. Outside of these islands
unusual tree is even less common. Pycnandra acuminata possesses
the unique ability to “pull” nickel out of the ground and accumulate
him in himself Bright bluish-green juice Pycnandra acuminata
contains about 25 percent of this valuable for modern
metal industry!

For ordinary trees, and plants in general, heavy metals
dangerous, however Pycnandra acuminata evolved, growing on
a toxic nickel rich soil
only survive, but even “eat” nickel. Amazing tree
literally sucks this substance out of the ground, collecting it in its
trunk, branches, leaves and seeds. Unfortunately, intensive cutting
forests in New Caledonia put Pycnandra acuminata at risk
disappearances before scientists discovered the amazing properties of this
unique plant.

Since the 1970s, scientists have discovered on the islands only about
65 such trees. However, experts say that they can
grow in New Caledonia much more. Learning
miracle trees were engaged experts in the field of molecular biology,
physiology, biochemistry and many other sciences, but no one has yet
failed to uncover the mechanism by which Pycnandra
acuminata saves the earth beneath and around itself from excess
nickel. And while it is not even clear – for what? ..

It is assumed that the plant has evolved over many
million years. Why did this happen, people of science also cannot
to explain. It is hypothesized that the tree has become immune to
nickel and began to accumulate it in itself to defend itself
insect, pathogenic fungi and bacteria. Other
A curious theory is that Pycnandra acuminata is
a real altruist who cleans the ground in the forest for others
plants – fiction, and only!

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