Amazing Musical Note Lightninghit the video

Melinda Gilman, a resident of West Virginia, says that 29
August this year, took off the night thunderstorm, when in the lens
pensioner video camera got something amazing. Yet another
a flash of lightning illuminating the horizon unexpectedly acquired distinct
the outlines of … a double musical note.

Elderly American woman was quite amazed by the shape of what she saw
her electrical discharge in the sky and immediately looked at the resulting
video, in order to ensure that the incomprehensible phenomenon is well imprinted
on the record. After that, our heroine hurried to lay out the intriguing
frames on the popular video hosting “YouTube”.

This material was soon interested in numerous ufologists.
Some of the researchers to the paranormal have concluded that
the sky was an unidentified flying object hidden from human
eye invisible camouflage. Perhaps hitting the alien ship,
the lightning “ricocheted” from him, creating such a bizarre effect.

Of course, there were skeptics who said that lightning
can take on any practical form and nothing
there is no supernatural here, they say. Materialists of course
they are free to believe whatever they like, however they can hardly
explain why unusual lightning in our world all appear
more often, but there is no scientific interpretation of their origin. Yes, and how it is
maybe if scientists still do not know the true nature of themselves
lightning …

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