Amazing natural phenomena that border onfiction

Our site is dedicated to everything unusual that surrounds us in this.
mysterious and still far from the studied world. The greatest
without a doubt the sorceress is Mother Nature, invariably
admiring and astounding our imagination with its wonders that
truly no end. With some of her amazing phenomena, we and
get acquainted today.

Beach “starry sky”

This very spectacular effect that can be seen in the sea and
due to the presence of phytoplankton in the water, called
Lingulodinium polyedrum. Unicellular organisms commonly found
in tropical latitudes, emit light when exposed to external
irritants, for example, waves.

These pictures are made in the Maldives talented
Taiwanese photographer Will Ho. However, there are many places on earth where
you can get in touch with this enchanting natural phenomenon …

Kazakhstan has an underwater forest in Kaindy Lake

Incredibly, the firs are growing right from the bottom of the lake! This pond,
about 440 meters long and 30 meters deep, formed in
the result of the earthquake in 1911. Kainda’s uniqueness attracts
as ordinary tourists and divers, because to admire
unusual landscape here and above and under water. What summer
water temperature in the lake does not exceed 6 ° C, does not stop
connoisseurs of true beauty.

Bolivia boasts an incredible salt marsh Uyuni

This is not a beach or a giant mirror. This is the salt remaining on
place of the former salt lake. The Uyuni salt marsh is the most impressive and
The world’s largest salt desert.

In addition, Uyuni contains large reserves of lithium, as well as potassium,
magnesium and boron. There is also a rare mineral ulexite, which in the US
referred to as a “television stone” because it is capable of transmitting
images through their natural fibers.

Uyuni has eleven layers of salt, the thickness of each is from
1 to 10 meters. But apart from the numbers and just look at
The fantastic beauty of this place, you can involuntarily exclaim:
�”Wonderful are your works, Lord! ..”

In Canada, you can admire methane bubbles frozen in
lake abraham

This fabulous natural phenomenon can be seen every winter on
искусственно созданном канадском lake abraham.

Plants that develop at the bottom of the reservoir, emit methane. Not
managing to rise to the surface, this gas freezes and it turns out
in an ice trap until the end of the winter period. Ice thickness
covering the lake is 8-9 centimeters. In addition to scientists
Abraham attracts many tourists who want to
admire an unprecedented sight …

In Pakistan, it is worth seeing millions of spiders in the trees

You would agree to live next door to a forest full of
such trees? But the inhabitants of the Pakistani province of Sind seem to
quite accustomed to new neighbors, giving plants a similar
surreal look.

Spider invasion occurred in 2010. as a result
catastrophic flooding. Usually living on earth, these
arthropods in search of a safe place moved to

Most of us would consider this state of affairs.
disgusting, but the locals see it as a clear plus.
Cotton giants have become excellent mosquito traps –
carriers of malaria, which are destroyed in a variety of spiders. AND
then where else can you see such a unique picture
nature? ..

In the US, there is a “door to the nether regions” – the Torah Well

The well of Thor, which is also called the “door to hell”
is an unusual hole with a diameter of 5 meters
strip of ocean tide located on the Cape in Oregon

At high tide, the water rapidly fills this “well”, and
some time later, a fountain high in height shoots out of it
6 meters, similar to a geyser.

But even more fascinating is the moment of the falling wave in not
fully flooded Torah Well. He is a favorite for
photographers who specially come here for the spectacular

Blood Falls of Antarctica

The pioneers of the study of Antarctica believed that the red color of water
due to the presence of red algae in it. but
modern scientists have established the true reason: in such a color water
stain iron oxides.

Be that as it may, the bloody waterfall causes eyewitnesses
mystical feelings, and, being on any other continent,
there wouldn’t be an end to curious tourists.

Light poles strike the imagination of man

The light pole (also called solar) is an optical
effect that occurs when light is reflected in tiny
ice crystals of the atmosphere. ANDсточником света могут быть Солнце,
Moon, bright planets and city lights. This is a beautiful phenomenon often
Observe residents of the capital and other cities.

Volcanic lightning is another natural wonder

These lightning (also called the dirty thunderstorm) cause small
particles of ash, which in large quantities ejects a volcano in
time of its eruption. Facing each other, these pieces
they accumulate a static charge generating lightning. AND если грозный
erupting volcano itself is amazing, then along with
by lightning it is something beyond.

Cloud foreshadowing the end of the world

When in June 2012 Beijing residents saw this mushroom
cloud, they thought together about the beginning of a nuclear war, but fortunately
made a mistake. It was not an atomic bomb explosion, but one of countless
miracles of nature, which, by the way, scientists still have not given
rational explanation. This, however, is nothing
surprising, because even ordinary lightning for science is not up to
end unraveled phenomenon. And how many more of those who do
remain for researchers a complete mystery!

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