Amazing phantom hit the cameraobservations

In the section of the popular social and news resource “Reddit”,
dedicated to supernatural phenomena, another appeared
curious publication. User under the pseudonym ATXdudebroman
shared a mysterious video with other regulars site
which, in his opinion, was sealed by the real ghost.
The man says that the amazing movie was received by the camera.
observations снаружи его дома 7 марта.

Safety device, responsive to movement,
intensified at 2:20 am and recorded something strange near
dwellings of our hero. By turning on the video below, you can
see a mysterious pale clot slowly flying by
air and out of sight of the camera. Of course, the owner of the house
was very puzzled and frightened by such a find. That’s why he
laid out the ominous footage on the “reddit”, asking users
social network help. The man asked them what it was,
and what to do now. Do I need to somehow deal with
paranormal and what is needed for that?

Many commentators felt that the idea of ​​defocused speech
an insect crawling on the lens. However, ATXdudebroman
claims it is impossible. The fact is that the camera of our hero
It has infrared thermography function. Man laid out
the animation with the thermal image of the anomaly, and on these frames
you can clearly see how the supposed ghost flies past the tree
and roof. So the mysterious clot was obviously moving on
decent distance from the camera. Has it really been
come from the thin world? Or something that can be explained.
rationally? What do you think? ..

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