Amazing rainbow bog found inVirginia

Professional American photographer Ross Brenten from the state
Virginia recently went with her to the national
Park Landing. There, a couple in love unexpectedly stumbled upon
striking rainbow colored swamp. At first our heroes
it was predicted that someone poured fuel oil here, however
there was no odor around the pond.

It turns out that the staff of the reserve can not find
explanations for such an amazing sight of water. Some specialists
suggested that the rainbow colors could be caused by fine
film on the surface of the swamp formed by the release
decaying plants of natural oils. In addition, its
anaerobic bacteria that may reduce the amount
iron in the soil.

Many users of the World Wide Web while watching these snapshots
remembered the fantastic film “Annihilation”, in which the group
scientists went to the so-called “Flicker” – an anomalous zone,
formed in the marshes of one of the American national parks
after falling there mysterious meteorite. The most interesting thing is that
In the film, the anomalous zone also had a rainbow iridescent color. Not
catch an analogy? ..

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