Amazing scramble of eagle and fox for rabbithit the video

Photographers Kevin Ebi and Zachary Hartier managed to get recently
unusual shots that are interesting to see not only with
biological, but even from a political point of view.

Men visited the island’s National Historical Park
San Juan, located in Washington State, to shoot there
American Foxes who are particularly active at this time
of the year. Our heroes did not even know how curious and rare
the spectacle will open to them in this place.

At one point, Kevin and Zachary actually noticed the fox.
Redhead cheat caught a rabbit and, apparently, was heading to him
in his hole. Suddenly an eagle dived from the sky, which
unceremoniously grabbed claws in someone else’s prey and lifted it into the air.
The most amazing thing is that the fox fought for a long time
a rabbit flying a considerable distance with an eagle. TO
Unfortunately, the bird of prey was stronger than the fox, and the prey went
in the end it is the eagle.

Ebi and Hartier, being professional photographers, immediately
appreciated the full value of such a dramatic scene, and therefore
successfully captured her in the photo and video.

The eagle’s behavior is a great example of kleptoparasitism –
forcing one animal to feed another. Similar
parasitic “hunting”, by the way, is the usual strategy for
bald eagle. It is noteworthy that for this very reason
President Benjamin Franklin did not want to recognize the bald man
Eagle national bird of the United States, that is, to make it a symbol of the country
(как корабль назовешь, так он и…) TO сожалению, его никто не
listened. Well, and what came of it? ..

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