Amazing sea creature: lively ramswordfish

In November 1868 a rather unusual court trial was held in london
proceedings Considered a lawsuit made by the captain
American ship “Dreadnought” insurance company Lloyd.
The captain demanded a huge amount of 12,000 marks for that time in order to
pay damages (2,000 tons of tea were spoiled) that arose
due to an unexpected accident.

Lively ram of the seas

By going to London from Colombo, the Dreadnought sailors contrived
catch a swordfish, or swordfish. Trying to break free
an angry captive attacked the sailboat and pierced in its hull,
sheathed with copper, a hole about 2.5 centimeters in diameter. From
the powerful ram of the ship shuddered; the helmsman could not resist
legs, fell to the deck.

When the sailors descended into the hold, they found that the fish had managed
pull your sword out of the board and through the resulting hole in
the room comes in water. Because of a serious leak, the Dreadnought had to
get up for repair in the dock. The incident was so unusual that
surprised even worldly-minded sailors.

… among the exhibits of the London Museum of the Surgical Board
there is a fragment of the bow of the whaling ship, remarkable
the fact that the 34-centimeter layer of wood is pierced with bone “arms”
giant fish. In diameter, her sword reached 4 centimeters. AT
The British Museum houses a piece of oak covered with cardboard and copper.
frame, also punched through with warlike fish. Apparently
first, the upper jaw pierced the side and broke off, and then
lower, shorter and sharpened.

The stunning power of a live ram

Swordfish attacks on ships occur in our time. So in
1971 yacht “Redhod” was hunting for a swordfish off the coast
Massachusetts, but instead of a trophy got a hole from fish and
went to the bottom.

AT этом же году английское судно «Куинсберри» выбросило за борт
part of the load, so as not to sink from the holes of the swordfish that stuck
its “weapon” at a depth of 75 centimeters! ..

One of the last attacks occurred in 1982. Swordfish with
furiously attacked the boat of Japanese fishermen. The ship is dead
despite the best efforts of the crew.

ATыдающийся российский кораблестроитель, механик и математик
A.N. Krylov made calculations and found out: to develop such a huge
пробивную силу, swordfish должна плыть со скоростью 90-110
kilometers per hour. And the force of her strike at the end of the sword is 15 times
surpasses the force of impact of the biggest two-handed sledgehammer! ..

How, then, does a fish’s organism tolerate this?

Swordsman has very strong muscles that even
the ax cuts with great difficulty. AT то же время ее хрящевые
intervertebral discs play the role of shock absorbers. But most of all
to soften the colossal power of the ram allows the sword itself, resembling
its structure bee sting. ATнутри него имеются полости, которые
filled with fat and noticeably “quench” the blow. Essentially a sword
nature is the most perfect “multi-stage
shock absorber “!

The body of the swordfish has a cigar-shaped, perfectly streamlined shape.
The crescent tail is a powerful mover, and the heart is
tireless motor that continues to work even long
pierced by a harpoon. Without any exaggeration, one can argue that
swordfish — это один из наиболее выносливых и быстроходных жителей
�”Blue continent”.

It is a known fact that a caught swordfish for more than 10 miles is pulling
I am a boat with the motor turned on. This amazing fish can in
for several hours to race at incredible speeds, making
at the same time giant jumps over water (up to 8 meters high). once
during the sweeps, the swordfish rushed from the pain so that it jumped
small boat.

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