Amazing “stone paintings” by StefanoFurlani

Perhaps “stone painting” is far from the best definition,
which could be identified and somehow characterized
творчество итальянца Стефано Furlani, однако произведения художника
so unusual that no one knows how to call them otherwise.

In a nutshell: a man collects random stones on the beach
geometric shape and all sorts of colors that folds
then in a variety of drawings. According to the author, in this he
a good fantasy helps, out of nowhere where did it come from, like
only he took up this creative work, and the presence of the sea right next to his

It all started a few years ago when Stefano and his little
son david relaxed on the beach. To pass the time, our hero and his
offspring began to collect stones from the shore and lay out of them
various images in the sand. I liked the game so much
the boy that turned into a whole ritual, which now all
Stefano’s family was engaged almost daily in the warm season.
Time passed, experience accumulated, skills improved,
fantasy developed – and the Italians created more and more complex and
detailed “pictures”.

At a certain point, Stefano felt hurt that his work in
eventually sweeps away the surf or trample down other vacationers.
Then our hero was visited by the idea to create fancy images.
from stones and sand on wooden planks using glue. Stone
the paintings were then covered with colorless varnish, which gave them
the brilliance and visual effect of humidity – it turned out just great,
beautiful and almost forever.

Когда Furlani выложил фотографии полученных рисунков в Интернет,
many users of the Network reacted to the “stone pictures” of the Italian
with great enthusiasm, calling them real works of art.
In 2017, the Italian held the first exhibition of his works, and not
at home and in Massachusetts.

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