Amazing stone river was formed in NewZealand

Blagoror tropical cyclone “Gita”, which collapsed
recently in New Zealand, the country was flooded
located in the lowland structures and roads. At the same time in the region
Canterbury did something incredible. Local river
Rakaia has miraculously transformed, and now instead of water by
her bed floating pebbles and stones!

By including the video below, you can see it.
a breathtaking spectacle with your own eyes.

Local resident Donna Field, who shot the video, reports that
set off on February 20 with her son to see if
use the nearest roads. At some point a woman and
the boy heard a noise like a huge dump truck poured somewhere on
ground tons of gravel. Surprised New Zealanders went to this
mysterious sound and approached in the end to the familiar river. Donna and her
the son was amazed to the depths of his soul when they saw that Raqiah
It consists not of water, but of rapidly moving stones.

Field says on the Internet that due to heavy rains
the farm and eight neighboring farms were cut off from the outside
of the world. Previously, the watercourse could cross or wade, however
no one, of course, is ready to do it while it is raging
amazing stone river. It remains only to wait. To explain
the nature of this anomaly is not yet in a state.

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