Amazing trees that nobody has todaycan find

We have witnessed very unusual trees,
which no one can detect today.

Mysterious “luminous tree”

One of them is the so-called. �”Luminous tree”, which in
1885 told his readers the English magazine “The

This tree, it was stated in a note, grows in Nevada, near the city
Tuscarora, in the gorge with thermal springs. It looks like
reminds a barberry, however at night radiates shining light all
its branches and leaves.

It is slightly higher than human height, and its trunk
three times wider than a man’s wrist. This wonder tree has a huge
number of branches and twigs. In certain periods of its leaves
shine so brightly that at night this shine can be seen on
a distance of more than one and a half kilometers. In the immediate
proximity to a tree a person can read the text printed at night
small print.

The foliage of the “glowing tree” is extremely lush; according to the form
the size and color of its leaves resemble the California laurel.
It seems likely that the light feature of this plant
has a parasitic nature. The leaves of the tree are covered with incomprehensible sticky
substance, and if you collect it and grind it in your hand, it will also become
shine. But the sheet, devoid of this substance, completely
�”Goes out”, according to the end of the note.

… Today we can only guess what it was
sticky substance. Perhaps there was some kind of symbiosis between the tree
and bioluminescent organism? It is difficult to say, because these
there are no trees now or they are well “hiding” from a person …

Sophisticated “musical tree”

About another no less unusual tree told in 1943.
Australian newspaper Singleton Argus, published in the state of New
South Wales. January 20 here appeared an article about the tree that publishes
musical sounds.

It grew, as reported, in Egyptian Nubia, on the banks of the Nile,
near the west african coast. When the wind is wonderful
the tree made beautiful sounds, like a game of pipes or flutes.
Locals felt superstitious horror to him.

Further, the author of the article suggested that the “musical”
the tree was made by insects, pierced in its trunk set
lengthy moves. But if so, why was it the only one
kind of, because about anything like this never again and nowhere
reported? ..

Mystical “evil trees”

In the 1890s, the world learned from the Australian press about
one very interesting – evil, or asleep – tree. It applied
to the genus of acacias and in height reached 24 meters. This tree could
spontaneously move branches and leaves.

There is also a note in the American newspaper Petersburg Times.
that the stalk of the “evil tree” was brought to the United States, where
from it began to grow a similar tree.

It happened in Virginia, and the “behavior” of the tree was observed
many eyewitnesses. When the sun went down, the branches and leaves of the plant
neatly and tightly folded into small “coils” resembling
pig tails. It was worth touching your fingers to the leaves, as they
began to move restlessly and rustle and remained in such a light
excitement about a minute.

When a tree is transplanted into another pot, it is especially
angry: the leaves started to stick sharply in different directions, as if
spikes, causing the tree to turn into a bristling ball. Besides from
he had a nauseous acrid smell. It took at least an hour
before the tree calmed down and assumed its former form.

So what was this creation? And was it at all? Probably we
never know this …

Blood sucking snake tree

This is the only one from Mexico on March 30, 1901. told the newspaper
�”The Muswellbrook Chronicle”. A tree that reached a height of 6
meters, they first wanted to plant a significant area of ​​the park, as
it suddenly turned out that this is a real predator! .. It was enough
with its slender branches any animal that is nearby, and
sucked the blood out of it.

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