Amazing triangle spotted in the sky aboveMichigan

A huge, even triangle was suddenly noticed on Wednesday, July 4th,
over the American city of Taylor, Michigan. According to
numerous eyewitnesses, it was like some kind of pyramidal
an object formed among the clouds.

The townspeople immediately started talking about aliens and the possible
invasion, however most of the witnesses to the unusual picture were
only anxious to capture the anomaly on
cameras of their phones and upload the received pictures to the World
spider web True, and they immediately built different versions
what is happening, one worse than the other.

Also, more realistic versions were put forward, for example, about
geoengineering, that is, the impact on climate (in this case, on
clouds) artificial method.

But some conspiracy therapists continue to insist
that we all live in the so-called “Matrix”, that is, the universal
illusions like the one that was shown in the same
fiction movie. Say, our eyes appear so
surreal images due to the fact that in the work of “The Matrix”
failures occur. This, according to supporters of conspiracy theories,
leads to the emergence of not only clouds of ideal geometric
forms, but also many other anomalies. So, for the magic,
all sorts of supernatural phenomena and other irrationalities
we accept precisely “glitches in the Matrix”.

Well, we look at the video one of these glitches and offer our
version of what is happening with the clouds, which has become noticeable around the world
more and more …

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