Amazing UFO hit on camera in slow motiontaking pictures

American Andrew Richards says that he recently produced
time lapse at night on Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire.
The man took 240 photos with an interval of 30 seconds and
I made a short video of them later. In this way,
The 10 second footage below shows that
occurred over the pond for 2 hours. The author of the material is not even
suspected that he would capture something on him, presumably from
another world.

At the end of the video, it is noticeable that a mysterious
glowing ball, surrounded by some white haze. Unidentified
the flying object had a clear meaningful trajectory and in real
time was there for about 14 minutes. Expensive camera,
used by Richards is extremely sensitive to light, therefore not
It is possible that with the naked eye such an anomaly could not
to notice. If you compare a UFO with planes that are several times
fall on the record, it becomes clear that he does not have with them
nothing in common. Mysterious ball of aliens or aliens from
parallel world flies from somewhere above and literally hangs
over the lake.

Some users of the World Wide Web felt that the lens
the camera got some amazing astronomical phenomenon. By
opinion of others, it was nevertheless a starship of representatives of the unknown
extraterrestrial civilization. If you believe the third, it certainly was
the gleam of light in the lens, which due to slow-motion seems
moving. Ufologists are not in a hurry to make unambiguous conclusions,
since they first need to carefully study the material, however
they notify web patrons that this is definitely something
unusual, and certainly not a defect of shooting.

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