Amazing UFO photographed several timesin Norway

Amazing shining UFOs exploded according to
numerous eyewitnesses, in two parts, was seen recently in
northern Norway. Unidentified flying object similar to
an incomprehensible bunch of white light appeared over the city of Bardufoss in
Troms province after dinner and flashed in the sky until the evening.
Witnesses say that the “flying saucer” is literally
turned into dust scattered over the sky. Presented 4
photographs that had time to fly around a lot of ufological sites were
made by a group of locals who were resting near the fire.

Startled Norwegians report that a UFO appeared in the sky is incredible
quickly, and many first thought it was a helicopter. Other
We thought that it was about the radar satellite “Paz”,
launched by the Spaniards on February 22, or a heavy booster
�Falcon 9, launched by Ilona Musk from California. None
less, watched quickly realized that it was something completely different, and
perhaps the object in the sky was not created by man at all. When
the alleged alien ship was divided into two parts, adopting
a kind of colossal butterfly, the eyewitnesses did not even know what to think.
Some of them were even seriously frightened, but chose to stay
out of curiosity. Local resident Tarquin Millington-Drake
told reporters:

At first, we decided that a helicopter was being sent to us. Because of the mountain
a strange glowing object appeared, which soon turned and
flew to the side. No sounds from propellers are heard
It was. At a certain point, the UFO suddenly exploded in two,
but it was not like an ordinary blast. Rather he just
divided in two and looked like butterfly wings. Then mysterious
the object disappeared, ceasing in some kind of dust. Me and my friends
were in Wolf’s Hole, this is a small place in the middle of the park, where
sometimes wolves appear. We looked at the sky hoping to see
the northern lights, so each of those present immediately noticed
above ground this thing. Looks like no one in Bardufoss has a clue
what it was like. Aliens from another planet? Sounds too much
fantastic, but I, truthfully, no more others
conjectures, and my comrades, too.

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