Amazing video demonstrates impossiblegiant moon

A truly phantasmagoric picture was captured on video.
photographer Daniel Lopez. Amazing record show
an incredibly colossal moon floating behind the Teide volcano on
Canary Islands.

The evening light occupies almost the whole sky, and believe that
Selena can look so huge from Earth, resolutely
is impossible. That is why many Internet users have decided
that we are talking about skillful video editing. However, Lopez claims
that the frames are fully authentic, and willingly divided
the secret of his trick.

A professional photographer explains that he shot this scene.
from a distance, using a camera with a powerful zoom. Thanks to,
that the moon was at this moment opposite the volcano, and created
so bizarre optical illusion that a natural satellite
approached our planet at a disastrously dangerous distance.
However, for people on top of the mountain watching the sunset,
The moon looked perfectly normal.

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