Amazingly: in one place in Chukotkatwo hundred polar bears

At first this is a strange cluster of polar bears in Chukotka
noticed tourists traveling on a cruise ship “Akademik
Shokalsky. This happened in the Wrangel Island reserve,
tourists who were extremely amazed at such an abundance of white bears in
in one place, even started counting them: about 250 individuals of different
sex and age, they determined “by eye”.

Then scientists quickly joined this unique event.
This is how an employee of the environmental department comments.
Enlightenment Reserve “Wrangel Island” Anastasia Petukhova:

For polar bears this is completely uncharacteristic –
gather in such flocks. And then the whole cluster, and in this mass
Polar bears can be seen in both males and females with different cubs
ages. All of them were attracted by the smell of prey, because ashore
threw a huge adult whale carcass. Polar bears – animals
loners, exception – mother with cubs. However, it is easy
prey and attracted, apparently, bears. But the whale thrown out
here ashore is an extremely rare, almost exceptional phenomenon
therefore, the massive gathering of whites was exceptional

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