�Amazon Echo Smart Speakers Scare at Nightpeople creepy laugh

Many users of Amazon Echo Smart Multimedia Speakers
complained to the manufacturer of a very unusual and unpleasant
The problem that has recently appeared in this electronics. From cylindrical
the speakers for no apparent reason start to hear a terrible laugh.

It becomes especially scary for column owners if this
happens in the middle of the night. Especially impressionable personality
they even believe that laughing ghosts infuse themselves into their dynamics. AT
This is not surprising, since urban legends about
obsessed with evil forces technique known since
first personal computers. Of course, experts argue
that there is nothing supernatural here. According to them, going on
mysterious failure of the built-in voice assistant “Alexa”.
This “intellectual” program allows you to do, “communicating” with
column, shopping, calling emergency services, accessing
various online resources and so on.

However, why did “Alex” suddenly “go mad” and start demonically
To laugh, it is impossible to say with precision. Someone thinks that
virtual assistant responds to certain words of being
nearby people and laughs in response, just like a living person. None
less why from the speakers comes an ominous laugh at night when
it’s quiet all around

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