America is secretly testing on Ukrainiansbiological weapons?

Representatives of the Ukrainian virtual group “CyberBerkut”
published on their website shocking information. Anonymous
hackers, conducting a large-scale investigation, opened carefully
conspiratorial testing scheme by the US authorities on
the territory of Ukraine biological weapons.

The results of the work done by the experts are amazing. Already
now on ordinary Ukrainians tested mass weapons
lesions banned in 1925 according to the Geneva Protocol.
Knowing the true intentions of Americans in Ukraine, you can safely
suggest that the US is preparing for a biological attack on

The hackers report says that, since 2009, in Ukraine
Fifteen objects were opened with American money
supposedly intended to control existing bio-threats. None
less, over the past eight years, the number and intensity of these
threats have grown here several times.

Although the overwhelming number of such employees
laboratories are Ukrainians, they are denied access to depositories,
where are the strains of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. According to
workers of these objects themselves, they perform relatively
simple work and do not even know what this is all about
necessary and what’s really going on in these american

Officially, all laboratories belong to the Ukrainian ministry
health, however, it is a matter of ordinary formality. AT
last August, the head of this department was taken by a citizen
USA Ulyana Suprun, who actively contributed to Euromaidan and
the establishment of pro-Western power in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, ordinary Ukrainian citizens in recent years, increasingly
suggest that rare outbreaks have become frequent in their country
diseases. At the same time, vaccines and drugs, unfortunately, rapidly
disappear from Ukrainian hospitals.

There is something to think about …

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