America is threatened again by a devastating hurricane -now IRMA

United States National Meteorological Service
warned the Americans about the new impact of natural disasters, which
may be even more destructive than the recent cyclone “Harvey”.
This is the IRMA hurricane, which is supposed to collapse on September 10
New Jersey and New York, resulting in five cities, including
including the largest metropolis of the United States, will be destroyed.

Of course, these are only assumptions calculated for
supercomputer based on data received from
numerous sources. However, a computer model such as
experts say today pretty accurately predicts
weather disasters. The only thing that may not be quite so
This is a certain error in the strength of the IRMA hurricane, however such
two-faced error, that is, the force of elements can be either less or less.
more than expected.

These states of America have never been so powerful.
hurricane, so scientists believe that the skyscrapers of New York may not
endure such a blow to the elements and collapse – and the most famous
the metropolis of the United States in a few days will stop
its existence.

Note, by the way, that the cyclone “Harvey”, which brought the United States a loss
at about 300 billion dollars not to mention
consequences, which are calculated not in money, but in human
the victims, the suffering and the sad prospect for millions
Americans, reached the strength of the fourth category hurricane, and hurricane
IRMA, according to experts, can vary in its power from
third to fifth category …

By the way, according to the latest data, hurricane “Irma” has intensified already before
the fourth category, and its wind speed is constantly increasing
and is now more than two hundred kilometers per hour …

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