America predict devastatingearthquake

American geologists shared with their compatriots anxious
news. Experts have determined that within a few
next years the area near the geological fault Hayward,
running through the bay of San Francisco will be the epicenter of a very
intense tremors.

This huge crack in the rocks has a length of over
83 kilometers. In the nearby area near her live about 2
millions of people who will certainly become victims of the future
earthquakes if not evacuated. Most researchers
it is disturbing that a large gas pipeline runs here, which
surely collapse and cause fires.

According to geologist David Schwartzman, who is the author of this
exploration, the Hayward Rift is a “tectonic bomb
ticking “, which is sure to explode in the foreseeable
the future.

Powerful earthquakes occur here every 150-160 years, and
the last of them was recorded in 1868. From this can
conclude that the next cataclysm could happen in the Gulf region
already tomorrow However, a possible delay of 10 years is not a consolation.
great for residents of this seismically dangerous area.

However, such disappointing forecasts for the United States recently
appear so often (supervolcano Yellowstone, rift
San Andreas, threatening to wipe out North America), that
Americans have become accustomed to such natural horror stories. For them
Now it is much more important to reason the current government of the country.
improve relations with Russia. This is where the main danger lies

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